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Bounty model
Bounty model made with Miro wood and local timbers
Price $125.00 
Honey Pitcairn Island Pure Honey
Price $7.00 per jar

Pitcairn Ship        
Price $60.00
Walking cane         Bird’s and Whale head    
Price $25.00  
Hand Vase Vases with Hand held motif  250mm
Price $20.00

Vase with hand held motif  300mm
Price $25.00 
Sharks  for hanging on the wall 11"
Price $15.00

Sharks for hanging on the wall 14"
Price $20.00 
Wall Dolphin Wall Fish, Dolphin or Killer Whale  8” long
Price $10.00      
Wall Killer Whale Wall Fish , Dolphin or Killer Whale 11”long
Price $12.00
Whole Dolphin or Shark on stand    
Price $40.00
Turtle Turtles 6” long   
Price $15.00
Turtle Turtles 8” long
Price $20.00
Small Fish Dish
Price $7.00
Price $15.00
Bead necklace      
Price $8.00
Postcards scenes from Pitcairn
Price $1.00 (each)
Cookbook Irma’s Pitcairn Cookbook & Island Activities (sign by author)
Price $15.00
Pitcairn Guide book
Price $20.00
Pitcairn Maps with leaflet
Price $7.00
Pitcairn Maps colour  Large
Price $10.00
Pitcairn T-shirts when available
Size S,M,L,XL,XXL 
Colour Black,Royal Blue,Purple,Jade,Serene Green
Price $20.00
Pitcairn Hats when available
Price $25.00
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